Classes at Williams

Williams generously offers, on a case-by-case basis and free of charge, college classes to select Mt. Greylock students.

Who may apply to register-

The Williams College Office of the Registrar and the Office of Admission process all requests and enrollment for high school students wishing to take classes at Williams.

  • Typically, high school students may take one class in the fall semester of senior year and one class in the spring semester of senior year, based on course availability and academic records (usually the school transcript and counselor recommendation).
  • Williams waives the tuition for these courses, but high school students are responsible for any costs/fees associated with the course.
  • In general, high school students should have a GPA of 3.8 or higher, be taking advanced high school courses, and have earned 4s or 5s in AP courses in order to be good candidates for Williams courses.
  • Students interested in taking a Williams math course must have completed (or be completing) all math courses offered at their high school, including calculus and statistics.


  • Students MUST first meet with their school counselor to ensure they have school support and to browse the Williams Catalog which provides detailed information about courses. In general 100- and 200-level courses are appropriate choices.
  • All students will need to attest to their vaccination and booster, if eligible. Please complete the COVID attestation form and if you are under 18, a parent will need to assist you.
  • Then, students should complete the Request to Enroll form. School counselors will automatically receive a request for further information. No requests will be processed until both the student’s and counselor’s forms (with a current student transcript) have been received by Williams College.
  • Requests for fall classes may be submitted beginning August 1. Requests for spring classes may be submitted beginning December 1.
  • A few weeks following submission of the Request to Enroll form, students will receive an email notifying them of approval to move forward with a Williams course, or a recommendation that they seek coursework options elsewhere. Students approved to take Williams courses will then be asked to contact the professor for permission. Proof of instructor permission MUST be sent to registrar​@williams​.edu prior to enrollment in any class.
  • Williams transcripts are automatically sent to high schools approximately two weeks following the grading deadline for the term. Students may order additional official transcripts at

If you have any questions, please contact Dean Mendes in Williams Admissions.

*Choosing to take a course at Williams is a big commitment and should occur only when a student has a particular interest in a subject not offered at Mt. Greylock, when there are schedule conflicts, or when a student has achieved a level in a discipline not offered at Mt. Greylock. Currently, students must arrange their own transportation to and from the college. Please note that Greylock students may not park in the lots designated for Williams students, faculty or staff. The lot at the bottom of Spring St. is a good option for parking.

Greylock students may also take classes at MCLA and BCC for which a 3.0 GPA or higher is required.

For more information about college course options, please contact your school counselor.