Brayton and Greylock Elementary School Partnership

2019-2020 NAPS Student Leaders (from left to right): Chelsea Romulus ’22, Helene Ryu ’22, Kiri Peirce ’20, Chris Avila ’21, Gwyneth Maloy ’21, Taylor McClennen ’22 (not pictured: Emaun Irani ’20)

In partnership with the North Adams Public Schools (NAPS), Williams Elementary Outreach supports collaborations between Williams College students, staff, faculty and NAPS students and teachers that enrich the lives and learning of all who participate.

Williams students engage in a diverse range of programs at Brayton and Greylock Schools (K-6) through paid positions, volunteer opportunities, and projects related to academic coursework.  Additionally, student-led groups, including Brayton After-School Tutoring, Assist Mentors, Sankofa, WCJA, and QuestBridge, partner with the North Adams Schools.

Six Student Leaders work with Williams students across NAPS programs to build community and deepen their learning together through trainings, special projects, and intentional reflection.  In the Spring of 2020, the Student Leaders created a resource to share with their peers and other educators about unconscious bias in teaching.  As part of the emergency remote learning response to Covid-19, Williams student tutors in the Brayton After-School program created read-aloud videos to share with elementary students in the North Adams Public Schools.  Williams Science Fellows designed virtual science lessons for students in North Adams, including several videos linked here.

In 2019-2020, 125 Williams students spent time teaching and mentoring more than 500 NAPS students.  Together, college and elementary students explored curriculum-based topics in science, technology, ELA, math, and the arts, and they shared, further, in learning outside of the classroom at lunch, recess, and after school.

We at CLiA welcome your involvement in our NAPS partnership and look forward to hearing from you!  Please note that due to the uncertainties associated with COVID-19, we are not able to hire students at this time.  However, I encourage you to explore the opportunities below and check back for updates after September 1st.

Molly Polk, North Adams coordinator for Williams Elementary Outreach