Middle and High School Resources/GreylockTalks

Below are video links to past GreylockTalks by Williams faculty and students that you may find useful in your schools and programs.

Current 2020 talks

Why the Impacts of Climate Change are so Unfair: JoséConstantine
Memory & Forgetting: Christina Simko
Physics of Waves: Tiku Majumder
Realer than RealZachary Wadsworth (Music)
Big Rocks, Big Ideas: Ronadh Cox
The Other Minds Problem: Mind-reading, Egocentrism, and the Trouble with Lying: Jeremy Cone
The Power of Social norms: Steve Fein

Christian Alberga 21, Kingston Jamaica

Past talks

Olympic Swimmer, Samantha Livingstone, “Staying in Your Lane”.
Biology and Math Professor, Julie Blackwood
Mass Extinctions with Professor Phoebe Cohen
A State of Unremitting and Unrivaled Chaos: Trump’s Hostile Takeover of the Grand Old Party”, Justin Crowe
High School. College. Then What? with Don Kjelleren, Williams Career Counseling
Physics Professor, Swati Singh, Detecting Force Fields
No Lost Generation- Refugee Advocacy. Emma Lezberg ’20 and others.
Statistics Professor, Bernhard Klingenberg
Math Professor, Steve Miller, “Pythagoras at the Bat”
Alex DiAdezzio, Williams Admissions.”Applying to College, How to Minimize Stress While Exploring Your Options”
Profession Bernie Rhie, “What is Zen?” 
Lara Aillon-Shol, Williams Health Services “Ahhh…sleep!”
Theater professor, David Gurcay Morris,  ” Word Building, Scenic Design for Theater”

Elicytrynbaum ‘20 “My Personal Philosophy to Spread Kindness”
Melanie Subbiah ‘17 “My Summer at FaceBook”
Anne Johnston, Firefighting
Max Harmon ‘18 “Hiking the Appalachian Trail”
Gabby Markel ’18  “Alaskan Animals 101”
Diego Gonzalez ’18 “From Pong to Reality”
Anna Kim ’19 “Finding Your Fire in the Stream of Life”
Moiz Rehan ’19 “Staying True to Myself”