Racial Justice at Williams and Beyond: We at the Center for Learning in Action share President Mandel’s view and her commitment to address ongoing racism and racial injustice.  Working closely with our colleagues on campus and off we offer a list of resources to help students engage in racial justice research and advocacy work.  Our team also stands ready to support student project work of every kind and welcomes ideas and questions at [email protected].

View our list of mostly virtual engagement opportunities and our specialty list of U.S. Election Analysis and Engagement Opportunities. We encourage all eligible students to exercise their right to vote!  Support for both registration and balloting is available from the non-partisan student-run group, EphVotes, which is offering in-person support at tables outside Paresky Center mid-days on Mondays and Tuesdays and through their user-friendly website, Ephvotes.com.

Experiential Courses
Experiential courses give students the chance to deepen their understanding of complex concepts and challenges. Opportunities range from teaching civic education to local middle schoolers to working with a team to build a 3D Printer.
Community Engagement
Our engagement programming focuses on encouraging deep reflection on and search for alternative positive learning experiences. Nurturing relationships is the heart of this work.
Lehman Community Engagement
Lehman Community Engagement is a student-run platform organization for community-minded groups on campus. LCE works to help break down the barriers between campus and surrounding communities in the Berkshires to allow students and community members to learn from each other through equal partnerships.
Beyond the Berkshires
Opportunities beyond the Berkshires include the flagship experiential Williams-Mystic maritime studies program, the Class of 1959 Teach New York urban teaching Winter Study program, volunteer spring break service Break Out Trips, and more.