The Center for Learning in Action is currently operating remotely, returning to in-person operations once conditions allow.  For an overview of remote options and updates, check our evolving online list of virtual community engagement opportunities and sign up for our mailing list (on the lower right side of our webpages) to receive our e-newsletter the CLiAlert.  If you need to confer, please schedule a phone call or virtual meeting by emailing [email protected]. Please refer to the Williams COVID-19 website for updated information on College-wide issues.

The Center for Learning in Action (CLiA) strives to cultivate and sustain experiential learning opportunities, curricular and non-curricular, in service of the teaching goals of our faculty, the civic aspirations of our students and the needs of the wider community.

Experiential learning at Williams fits with the College’s broad philosophy of enhancing student capacity to improve society.  The educational effects of community engagement work, when done ethically and effectively,  are powerful, adding real-life complications to classroom discourse and developing essential leadership and citizenship skills.

We at CLiA provide and connect students to course and extracurricular opportunities in a dozen action areas including education, health and wellness, and community and economic development.

Experiential coursework at Williams ranges from fully integrated off-campus programs such as Williams at Mystic to courses involving small field research projects.

Extracurricular experiential opportunities at Williams range from K-12 teaching, tutoring and mentoring programs to student-initiated alternative spring break trips in which students create and run group service projects off-campus.

See the visual summary and the annual CLiA Chronicle for more information on specific opportunities.