On Campus

For help with community service partnerships, course design, pedagogical training and logistics, contact:

Paula M. Consolini, Ph.D.
[email protected]

For help creating new student projects, contact:

Lehman Community Engagement leaders Sonia Cheung ([email protected]) and Jacob Watt-Morse ([email protected]).


Off Campus

  • Designing Research Based Courses   A resource for the design of research based courses intended to engage students in real research projects that ask lab or field-based research questions whose outcomes are not known by teacher or students.
  • The National Service Learning Clearinghouse  This site contains a searchable database of K-12 and higher education service-learning literature, information about events, listservs and Learn & Serve America efforts and links to a variety of service-learning information resources.
  • New England Resource Center for Higher Education  The site includes descriptions of NERCHE’s funded projects, including Faculty Professional Service. Also included are news updates, descriptions of think tanks and contact information.
  • National Society for Experiential Education  Includes information about various experiential education methods, including service-learning. Also includes membership and conference information, lists of publications and resources and a description of NSEE’s mission and history.
  • Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning The MJCSL is a peer-reviewed academic journal containing papers written by faculty and service-learning educators on research, theory, pedagogy, and issues pertinent to the service-learning community. The site contains abstracts of MJCSL articles and information on subscribing and submitting manuscripts.
  • The Journal of Public Service and Outreach  The site for the Journal includes information about the Journal’s mission and information about subscribing to the Journal or submitting articles. You can subscribe electronically from the site.