Chinese American Students Organization

Student Leaders: Rachel Chai (rhc1) & Frances Leung (fl5)
Faculty/Staff Advisor: Aly Corey

The Chinese American Student Organization strives to bring to the Williams College campus a safe space for students of all identities to build community around the celebration of Chinese/Chinese American culture. CASO provides a fun and welcoming environment for members to learn more about Chinese customs, traditions, and holidays such as Lunar New Year, the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival, and the Lantern Festival. CASO hopes to amplify the presence of Chinese/Chinese American culture on campus, which is especially important at a predominantly white institution in the Berkshires where Asian students may lose touch with their heritage after a prolonged period away from home. CASO also facilitates community-building events that allow for Asian-identifying students to gather and meet people who come from both similar and different backgrounds. CASO aims to help its members establish lifelong bonds with one another, whether that be in the form of friendships or mentorships.