Sharif Rosen


Sharif joined Williams College in February 2015 in a dual appointment as the Muslim Chaplain, and Assistant Director for Community Engagement with CLiA. Prior to this, he was at Dartmouth College as the Muslim & Multi-Faith Advisor. Both overseas and domestically, community service has factored prominently into Sharif’s life. While working in Jordan for several years as an administrator at the Qasid Arabic Institute, he helped students abroad expand their cultural and language immersion to include volunteer service assisting low income and refugee populations in and around Amman. In his native Los Angeles, CA, Sharif led community relations with the UMMA Clinic, a clinic inspired by Islamic principles that serves thousands of underserved residents of South L.A. of all faiths and backgrounds. There, he worked with affordable healthcare advocates, the Muslim American community, local officials and the media to draw attention to the dire healthcare needs of the area, and strategies towards solutions. Most recently, Sharif has volunteered as a Muslim Chaplain in the Vermont Department of Corrections, offering pastoral care and religious education to the incarcerated. Sharif is currently a graduate student at Hartford Seminary with a focus in Islamic Studies.