Amy Sosne

Photo of Amy Sosne

North Adams Coordinator for Williams Elementary Outreach

Brooks House


B.A. Williams College, Art History (2005)
M.D. Mount Sinai School of Medicine (2009)
M.Ed. Hunter College, Elementary Education (2015)


Amy began working for the Center for Learning in Action as the Adventures in Learning Coordinator in August 2019 after teaching yoga and mindfulness in the program for a couple of years. Amy has since moved on to working with Williams Elementary Outreach in the Brayton and Greylock Elementary Schools in the North Adams Public Schools (NAPS). She became the North Adams Coordinator in 2020, helping to create and implement innovative programs with college students working and/or volunteering in the North Adams Elementary Schools. Amy loves her job as a mentor, advisor, and collaborator working with college students and as a liaison to elementary students, teachers, and administrators in the local North Adams community. As NAPS coordinator, she is able to fuse her love for science, working with young students, working with young adults, and embracing mindfulness skills and techniques in and out of the classroom in order to facilitate more effective learning. She teaches yoga and mindfulness to children as well as adults. Her passions include hiking, yoga, knitting, and being a mom to her three young kids.