WRAPS (Williams Recovery of All Perishable Surplus)

WRAPS (Williams Recovery of All Perishable Surplus) delivers surplus food from Driscoll, Whitman’s (Paresky), and Mission dining halls to several community partners in North Adams. WRAPS does not require a regular time commitment since there are no formal meetings or shift requirements. You have all the power to decide when and where you want to perform a recovery. Grab a friend and help deliver food and smiles to our community!

Sign-Up Forms

Instructions for WRAPS Volunteers: 2019-2020

(Note: ALL student drivers must be approved by the College to drive college vehicles.  Please visit http://facilities.williams.edu/cars-and-drivers/college-vehicles/ and http://learning-in-action.stage.williams.edu/getting-there/college-cars/ for details. Driving records need to be updated every year so please be sure to do this before signing up for a college car.  The Center for Learning in Action checks that all information is up-to-date before releasing vehicle keys to student drivers.)


WRAPS runs throughout the year (and much of the summer). Volunteers pick up food from Driscoll and Mission and delivered to refrigerators in Paresky (indicated for WRAPS) on Sundays, Mondays, and Wednesdays. On Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday nights, volunteers package food in the back of Paresky Kitchen. On Fridays, volunteers deliver meals to Mohawk Forest, the ROOTS Teen Center, and the YMCA. WRAPS supplements the meals with fruits and vegetables from Wild Oats. The three roles (food pick-up on-campus, packaging, and delivery off-campus) are divided among volunteers, and the total time commitment for each is approximately 1-2 hours.

Key Policy

The keys should stay in the WRAPS locker in the Paresky kitchen. Return the keys immediately after parking the van. Don’t forget to fill out the mileage slips inside the key case!


On-Campus7:30pm. Get the van key from the WRAPS locker in Paresky kitchen. Retrieve the van from the lowest level of the parking garage behind the ’62 Center.  Drive to the two dining hall facilities where the loading dock is located (Mission and Driscoll), enter the kitchen, and ask a member of the staff for assistance in locating food set aside for WRAPS. Make sure you fill out the trip ticket and the pick-up form (with a signature from a staff member at each dining hall).


To Mohawk Forest , ROOTS Teen Center, and YMCA (see below for maps):

Mohawk Forest
Mohawk Forest Blvd
North Adams, MA

ROOTS Teen Center
43 Eagle St
North Adams, MA

22 Brickyard Court
North Adams, MA



On-Campus surplus food pick-up and delivery:

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  1. Retrieve van keys from WRAPS locker in Paresky.
  2. Retrieve the van from the lowest level of the parking garage behind the ’62 Center.
  3. Drive to the two dining hall facilities where the loading dock is located, enter the kitchen, and ask a staff member for assistance in locating food set aside for WRAPS.
  4. Pick up HACCP form for recording time and temperature of the items you are picking up. Have a Dining Staff member sign off on the sheet to say that they were cooled properly.
  5. Load trays of food in the van, and drive to Paresky loading dock.
  6. Bring trays of food to lower level Paresky kitchen, and place them in cooler #4 (center refrigerator) on the shelf labelled for WRAPS.  If help is needed within the kitchen, a staff member should be able to offer assistance.
  7. Leave completed HACCP form in folder in the WRAPS locker.
  8. Return van to garage behind ’62 Center, and drop off keys in WRAPS locker.


Click here to sign up for 2019-20 packaging shifts!

  1. Wash hands and put on gloves, apron and hairnet.
  2. Clear the metal prep table in front of the fridges for packaging.
  3. Get trays of food labelled “WRAPS” from Cooler #4 (middle cooler), bottom shelf.
  4. Fill out a HACCP form in the binder with food contents and temperatures.
  5. Get clamshells from the back closet (past the elevators, turn before the lockers) and utensils from the rack above the large sinks.
  6. Package food into clamshells: try to balance meat, starch, and veggies. Try to do it assembly-line style.
  7. Label clamshells with the food inside: labels are on the island, pens are in the locker.
  8. Attach a Campus Kitchen label with the packaging date and expiration date 3 months in the future.
  9. Get WRAPS storage bins from the entrance to the back closet.
  10. Load clamshells into the bins. Label each bin with a sticker indicating the number of meals inside.
  11. Wheel the bins into the freezer (Cooler #5). Try to keep them out of the way as much as possible (and with the handle facing the door).
  12. Leave dirty containers and utensils on the metal rack near the kitchen weighing station/dishwashing area.
  13. Wash foil pans and recycle outside the kitchen near ’82 Grill.
  14. Fill a green bucket with soapy solution and a red bucket with sanitizing solution (by the sinks), find clean rags, and wipe off all surfaces you worked on first with green, then with red.
  15. Record the final meal and volunteer counts in the HACCP form in the binder.
  16. Fill out this form.
  17. Hygiene Requirements:
    1. Wash your hands!
    2. Gloves must be worn when handling food.
    3. Long hair must be tied back and a hairnet or hat must be worn.
    4. Wear long pants, sleeves and closed-toe shoes.
    5. Leave personal belongings, coats, etc., outside room if possible, or in corner.
    6. If you are sick, don’t package food!

Off-Campus delivery of packaged frozen meals:

  1. Retrieve key to Dodd kitchen from the locker in Paresky kitchen, along with the keys for the van.
  2. Retrieve the van from the lowest level of the parking garage behind the ’62 Center.
  3. Drive to Dodd kitchen loading dock (on the side of Dodd House)
  4. Open the door to the kitchen with the key, and retrieve frozen packaged meals from freezer (freezer is to your immediate right when you enter the kitchen).
  5. Load meals into the van, and close the door to the kitchen and freezer.
  6. Drive to locations:
    • Mohawk Forest: Drop off meals at Community Building
    • ROOTS Teen Center: Enter the passcode on the to get the key to the door and drop off meals in the freezer.
    • YMCA: Go through the main entrance and drop off meals in the large freezer in the daycare room behind the front desk.
  7. Return to campus. Return the van to the garage behind the ’62 Center, and drop off the keys at the WRAPS locker.
  8. Fill out this form.


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If you have any further questions, problems before or during delivery, or any issues at all, please do not hesitate to contact Colin Ovitsky ([email protected]), Josh Reynolds ([email protected]), Katrina Wheelan ([email protected]), or Marco Vallejos ([email protected]).