The Wilderness Society

As the government relations director at The Wilderness Society, I would be happy to work with a student to develop a Winter Study class that would expose her to, among other things, lobbying; the environmental non-profit community; public lands policy; and other facets of government relations work.  January is an excellent time for a student to get maximum opportunities for exposure to Congress, with an incoming class of Members needing a lot of education on issues and with a new direction for the 114th being unveiled at that time by House and Senate leadership.

I am open to refinement but the student would have the opportunity to help create and disseminate information about TWS priority issues and legislation to the incoming Congress; observe how committee assignments and leadership positions in Congress are deteremined and doled out in the beginning of a session; help with all activities related to the introduction of new legislation; participate in the larger coalition of national environmental groups.

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Lydia Weiss
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