The Mount

  1. In her lifetime, Edith Wharton experienced the Civil War, Progressive Era reform, Gilded Age opulence, the rise of the automobile and women’s suffrage, and World War I. Dig into The Mount’s records and primary resources to develop a themed tour, special program, children’s activity, or lesson plan that places Edith in a larger context. Your work will advance Wharton scholarship and make history accessible to a wider audience.
  2. In 2005, The Mount purchased 2,700 volumes of Wharton’s original library. Spanning dozens of genres, the library represents Wharton’s voracious appetite for new information and allows us an unprecedented window into her intellectual life. Marginalia litters the pages of her books, and The Mount has only begun to catalog and document this impressive collection. Gain collections management experience and object handling research skills, while working inside the mind of one of America’s greatest writers.
  3. The Mount presents over 125 programs a year with a full-time staff of 8. Sometimes an extra hand at a program or event can make all the difference. Programs range from community days that bring in 800 people to intimate marathon readings of Wharton’s books in her Drawing Room. If you’re interested in working with our diverse public as an ambassador for The Mount, we would love to have you!

The Mount is always looking for motivated and enthusiastic volunteers and interns, and we offer a spectrum of engagement to accommodate different schedules. From one-time postering to a summer spent in our archives and special collections (with Edith Wharton’s original library!), we hope you can find the time to help make The Mount a vital community resource.

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PO Box 974
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Kelsey Mullen, Education Director
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