Student Testimonial

I worked Give It Up! in June of 2014. I have never carried so many fridges as I did in those couple of weeks. I built some muscles, went dumpster diving, and drove around on the side walks. The physicality of the experience took me away from my mental world. Purposeful physical labor helped me break out of my own mind and engage with the surrounding community. It was a meaningful, eye-opening experience, that exposed me to other thought paradigms and external perceptions of Williams. I took on the role of the mediator, a link between the campus and the community. Sharing an experience and forming a connection as we work to optimize the resources of the college and help the community. The experience challenged the way I perceive myself as a student at Williams and my understanding of what it means to be a Williams student in the context of the larger community.

– Kathy Hrach ’16
Bianca Brown poses on a coach donated to Give it Up!
Bianca Brown poses on a coach donated to Give it Up!
Kathy Hrach rests after loading heavy TVs into the CLiA minivan.
Jackline Odhiambo and her mother help package books collected during Give It Up! to benefit Konyango Community Based Organzation (KCBO) in Kenya.