3rd Grade Water Cycle and Weather Unit

These lessons were revamped for the North Adams Public School System during Summer 2014 by Cindy Le, Dvivid Trivedi, Veronica Gould, and Katie Swoap. Some lessons were adapted from previous versions that can be found below.

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Lesson 0: Introduction to Weather

Lesson 1: Introduction to the Water Cycle

Lesson 2: Water Cycle Stories

Lesson 3: ELA Follow Up Lesson

Lesson 3: Water, Water Everywhere, But Not a Drop to Drink!

Lesson 4: Water in the Air Humidity and Precipitation

Lesson 5: Types of Precipitation

Lesson 6: Interlude to Extreme Weather

Lesson 7a: Wind

Lesson 7b: Wind

Lesson 8: Climate

Lesson 9: Why do we have Different Climates

Lesson 10: Li Bing and the Flooding

Curriculum Embedded Performance Assessment (CEPA)


These lessons were created by Ari Wilder in collaboration with 3rd grade teachers at Williamstown Elementary School, Greylock Elementary School, and Brayton Elementary School and edited by Penny Sun, Veronica Gould, and Rachel Ji.

Introductory Materials (Cover Page, Overall Themes and Questions, and General Teaching Tips)

Table of Contents

Water Cycle Unit

Weather Unit

Materials List for Supply Bins