Community Outreach Summer Internship

This Center for Learning in Action (CLiA) paid summer training program provides a small group of rising Williams sophomores and juniors the opportunity to help build better community service and experiential learning opportunities at Williams.  The 8-week, 35-hour/week position reports to the CLiA Director and includes on-campus housing.

Responsibilities include:

  • Assisting in the review and improvement of existing CLiA programming and partnerships
  • Working on group and individual creative projects for CLiA and community organization hosts
  • Leading community tours and community service activities for pre-frosh


We are looking for highly motivated students with a strong work ethic, strong interpersonal skills and the ability to work independently.  Familiarity with (or willingness to learn) Microsoft Excel, Google Drive and WordPress is also desirable. The program also provides basic training in videography, web design and graphic arts (InDesign).


Past Community Outreach Fellow teams have created music video public service announcements, training videos, and podcasts. Individual projects have included designing flyers and newsletters and helping develop mobile phone apps. This video showcasing the United Neighborhood Organization (UNO) is the handiwork of 2017 Fellows Chanel Palmer ’19 and Matt Chicoye ’20.  Other 2017 Community Outreach Fellows include Rachel Levin ’19, Kellen Hatheway ’19, Jack Melnick ’19 and Shahzad Mumtaz ’19.  Rachel, Jack and Shahzad comment on their experiences, below.  For more information on this opportunity, contact any of these Fellows or email CLiA Director Consolini at [email protected]

(Click the students’ names to learn more about their work)

  • “I applied to work with CLiA over the summer because I sought a chance to interact with the Berkshire community that had become my home. Throughout the school year, I tried to get involved in the community, but this summer internship gave me the perfect opportunity. I was able to meet adults and students from around the area and learn more about the region. From hikes to food to street fairs, CLiA showed us everything we were missing out on.
    My project for the summer was working with Oral History Center at Berkshire Community College, along with Chanel. We were fortunate to learn about the process of setting up, recording, and actually interviewing a person about their life. The project we were learning about was focused on the NAACP in the Berkshire region, and it was inspiring and moving to hear the stories of those who worked so hard for equality. Chanel and I also got the chance to interview the archivist of Simon’s Rock College, and we discussed methods of archiving, the importance of institutional history, and how to hold onto the past while moving forward. Using this interview, I was able to create a podcast about the process of archiving! I am so thankful for the time I spent with CLiA this summer, and I know I will use the skills I learned in the future.”
  • "The summer I got to spend with the Center for Learning in Action was one of the most amazing experiences of my entire life. Paula, Colin, and the rest of the staff have such an electric passion for Berkshire County that you cannot help but get caught up in it. CLiA gave the interns an impressive range of training and exploratory opportunities, ranging from practical video training to traveling around the region sampling food and culture. Getting to spend time on the Williams Campus outside of the rigors of academics and athletics is incredible, and I feel that for the first time I was really able to appreciate every aspect of our beautiful location.

    For my main summer project, I worked with Kellen Hatheway on the production of a new application designed to drive tourism and help locals find opportunities to get out of their comfort within Berkshire County. Midway through, the Berkshire Eagle released a similar product called GoBerkshire, so we decided to reach out to them and became advisors on their project. Working closely with the Eagle was a lot of fun, and getting to reach out to people in the community and get opinions on why they love the Berkshires further connected with me with the multitude of passionate people in the region."

  • "This summer, I was an intern at the Bennington Oral Health Coalition, a small community-led initiative that is focused on improving oral health outcomes in Bennington, VT. Bennington is notorious for poor oral health outcomes. It frequently has the highest number of elementary students with cavities in the state, adults struggle to pay extraction bills, and the professional oral health community is struggling to keep it's people in good health. It was the perfect fit for me, as I am on the pre-dental track and am doing a concentration in Public Health!

    During my time with the BOHC, I, alongside the other intern from UVM, engaged in a lot of local outreach. Our audiences included adolescents at the YMCA and community centers, teenagers in summer school, and even parents with recent newborn babies. We led a lot of presentations and discussions regarding the basics of oral health, the negative effects of substance abuse, and proper newborn oral hygiene. We also did a fair amount of brainstorming and research into the benefits of community water fluoridation, something that the town has been voting against since 1963 despite its proven benefits. I also did a lot of typical intern work- developing rack cards, editing Facebook and website content, writing blog posts, and more. It was a really fun experience, and something that I look to continue doing over the next couple of years, as Bennington is only a short drive away!"

The application period for the 2018 CLiA Summer Community Outreach Internship ended on April 4th, 2018.