BOT Budget Calculator

Before submitting your BOT Proposal Form, download the Budget Calculator (.xlsx) to help you to calculate the various expenses involved in a Break Out TripThe most important numbers for calculating the potential subsidy for your trip are the Grand Total Per-Student Cost and Remaining Need Per Student.  

In the Excel file, the second worksheet contains an example of a completed calculator, or you can download this Sample Budget Calculator (PDF).  On the first worksheet, all fields highlighted in yellow are available for editing, as are most of the description fields.  The cells in the right-most column, which contain formula calculations, are locked, and you will see those change as you begin entering numbers into the yellow fields.  You will be able to see how your estimates compare to your target costs, and begin thinking about where you might be able to save, whether you might have to increase the target out-of-pocket contribution, etc.

Depending on the nature of your trip, some of the costs may be calculated on a per-student, individual basis (public transportation, program fees, lodging, etc.).  Others may be calculated for the whole group (rental cars, materials for your service project, etc.).  Put a “0” on any line that is irrelevant to your trip.  Note that, while this calculator serves as a useful framework, it is not necessarily all-inclusive of the types of expenses your trip might encounter.  You may need to consider other expenses not explicitly defined, such as taxis, subways, departure taxes, visas, etc., any of which can be entered in the available open or “Other” fields.

When estimating your trip’s expenses, bear in mind that it is better to estimate high and spend less than to estimate low and be unprepared for higher or unanticipated expenses.  For example, research the range of airfares for your destination and use the high end of that range for your budget calculations.  Be realistic about how much it will cost for all of your trip participants to eat three meals every day.

Please complete all relevant fields highlighted in yellow, then save the file, and upload the completed Budget Calculator (.xlsx) with your BOT Proposal Form.