TEED (Technology, Environment, Education & Dance) Ghana

I believe that the work we did was an incredible learning experience for us. More than what we were teaching the students, we were learning from them about their culture, teaching practices, sports, and music. Moreover, we were learning every day to work as a team to survive and thrive in a completely unfamiliar environment and to be more responsible about our impact on our natural surroundings.

Destination: Accra, Ghana

Trip Organizers: Judy Anne Gitahi ’20 ([email protected]) & Obeyaa Ofori Atta ’19 ([email protected])

The Experience

In this Break Out Trip, students volunteered with an organization named TEED (Technology, Education, Environmental and Dance) Ghana which is focused on bridging the education gap in Ghana. They were partnered with teachers and were assigned to teach one subject such as Math, English, French, Citizenship Education, Religious and Moral Education, Computer Science, Science to students in grades 4, 5, and 6. During free periods students taught additional courses on hygiene, environmental conservation, and African history. They worked together to brainstorm better ways of reaching students. For example, they had students create skits on how they can be more hygienic as a practical way of getting them to know and enact these practices. This trip allowed for students to experience Ghanaian culture and educational system first hand.

Participant Quotes

  • “The teaching experience was very different but wonderfully refreshing. It was completely outside my comfort zone, but being able to push through and teach and learn was an incredible opportunity!”
  • “To teach and learn in an environment that was very close to my own home environment as it constituted of mostly students from underprivileged backgrounds – an experience that is missing from Williams. This on-ground learning was the most valuable part of the trip.”
  • “The more one has experience, the more one is able to provide a more guided and efficient learning without needing to stick to a specific curriculum and being able to easily adapt to the needs and requirements of the learner.  Being experienced also lets you take more control of situations so that you can promote better learning techniques.”