2018 Trip Summaries

Brief summaries for each trip offered in 2018 are below, as provided by the trip organizers.  All 2018 trips will be offered during Spring Break, between Friday, March 16th and Sunday, April 1st (or some portion thereof).  Tentative dates are listed below, but are subject to change pending travel arrangements.  Please feel free to contact trip organizers directly with any questions or for additional details.


Berkshire Break Out Trip (B-BOT): Community Outreach & Service

  • Destination: Berkshire County
  • Trip Organizer: Center for Learning in Action ([email protected])
  • Description: Engage in local outreach programs, establishing lasting and potentially ongoing relationships with members all across the Berkshires. Volunteer with many different organizations, from Berkshire Food Project to Habitat for Humanity to United Cerebral Palsy, to support the wide variety of needs in the Berkshire community. Participants will have the opportunity to do significant amounts of volunteer work at local organizations, and in doing so, spend time with local residents who love to make new friends and learn the essential role that giving back plays in working towards growing communities.
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Global Medical Training

  • Destination: Nicaragua
  • Trip Organizers: Andy Castañeda ’18 ([email protected]) & Josselyn Barahona ’18 ([email protected])
  • Description: The Global Medial Training Spring Break Out Trip is a volunteer trip that gives students the opportunity to medically serve communities in Nicaragua. During this unique experience, the trip members learn how to give basic physical exams-measuring blood pressure, auscultation of the heart and lungs, and kidney palpations- in clinics set up in rural communities within Nicaragua with limited access to healthcare services. Students work in small teams that include a Spanish translator and physician to help diagnose and treat patients. In these small groups, participants work in the capacity of a medical assistant as they take vital signs and patients’ medical histories. Students also help with other logistical aspects of the clinic, such gathering and distributing medications. Overall, this trips will allow students to provide invaluable health care services to people that normally do not have such resources while gaining hands-on clinical experience in the process. Note: You do not need to be fluent in Spanish to apply!
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ServeUP: Disaster Relief in Houston

  • Destination: Houston, TX
  • Trip Organizers:  Danielle D’Oliveira ‘19 ([email protected]) & Caleb Miaw ‘11 ([email protected])
  • Description: This past August, Hurricane Harvey devastated homes on the Gulf Coast. In particular, Houston faced significant loss, and there is critical work to be done in helping to rebuild lives through rebuilding homes. Want to join the recovery process and provide hands-on help? This year, ServeUP will be focused on disaster relief in Houston. Join us as we rebuild homes, listen to residents’ stories, and discuss how we wrestle with loss and God as we search for hope and healing in the midst of the recovery process!
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  • More Information: http://www.serveup.org


Teaching English in China

  • Destination: Changsha, China
  • Trip Organizer: Yvonne Cui ’20 ([email protected]) & Qiyuan Hu ’20 ([email protected])
  • Description: Interested in teaching, talking to lovely Chinese students, and learning about China? In this 10-day BOT to one of the most vibrant yet historic cities in China, Changsha, we aim to meet the surging demand for native speakers or foreign English teachers called waijiao in China to make English more relevant to the daily life of Chinese high schoolers and ensure that students maintain a keen interest in English even after they graduate. From formal lectures given collaboratively with their English teachers to creative activities during their self-study time at night, we hope to fully engage Chinese high schoolers in English learning from all angles and truly modify the teacher’s teaching techniques and styles to maximize the benefits of the students. We will also focus on teaching some efficient ways to learn spoken English and hopefully leave the Chinese students with clear and tangible goals on how to improve their English. Knowledge of Mandarin language will be a plus, but it will not be a restriction in determining a participant’s eligibility.
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TEED (Technology, Environment, Education & Dance) Ghana

  • Destination: Accra, Ghana
  • Trip Organizers: Judy Anne Gitahi ’20 ([email protected]) & Obeyaa Ofori Atta ’19 ([email protected])
  • Description: We will be teaching primary school students (ages 8-14) from St. Lawrence Primary School and will cover the traditional subjects such as English, Math, Social Studies and French. Participants will help the teachers with daily teaching activities like leading lessons, and marking assignments. We will also hold sessions on hygiene, environmental conservation and ICT. Additionally, we will conduct dance and sport classes, possibly culminating in a talent exhibit show during the last day of our trip. In line with the college’s climate initiative, this trip will include a carbon footprint reduction effort, which will include a daily environmental consciousness goal, and therefore a good deal of walking. Access to fast internet may be hard, but all in all it is a good opportunity to impact the lives of young underprivileged children, as well as get to indulge in the rich Ghanaian culture.
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Water Purification System Installation and Public Health Education in the Ecuadorian Amazon

  • Destination: Tena, Ecuador
  • Trip Organizers: Alia Richardson ‘19 ([email protected]) & Kai Cash ’19 ([email protected])
  • Description: Participants in “Water Purification System Installation and Public Health Education in the Ecuadorian Amazon” will travel to Tena, a small city on the edge of the Amazon that annually experiences severe flooding. We will collaborate with the local organization Med-Water to install water purification systems, and educate community members on how to use them. We will also collect first aid kits in Williamstown to bring to the site which will assist in the relief effort. Participants will have the opportunity to shadow local doctors and learn about traditional medicine practices from mid-wives and Shamans, in order to understand the health infrastructure and current public health concerns in Tena. At the end of the trip, the group will prepare a presentation on a public health topic that will be determined during the course of the trip to present to local children. We are hoping that participants on this trip will leave with a deep understanding of the public health concerns of Tena, especially those that resulted from the recent flooding. We will reflect on what it means to provide service in a community that is not our own and aim to understand how to collaborate with people from another culture to find diverse solutions to a common goal.
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Williams in Mexico

  • Destination: Puebla, Mexico
  • Trip Organizers: Jessica Muñoz ’19 ([email protected]) & Vanessa Quevedo ’21 ([email protected])
  • Description: Due to the recent hurricane that struck Puerto Rico and the earthquake that hit Mexico, volunteers are needed to do community outreach in several communities. Puerto Rico and Mexico have been hurt by these natural disasters. Home have been destroyed, people have been displaced, availability of water and food is scarce, and the power continues to be out. During this trip, you will help those that were affected by the disaster by giving service in either Puerto Rico or Mexico. Since these natural disasters have occurred recently, and the power continues to be out in certain areas, we encourage those applying to be flexible and open with possible dates, out-of-pocket contribution, and specific work needed in these places. Note: You do not need to be fluent in Spanish to apply!