TEED (Technology, Environment, Education & Dance) Program in Ghana

“My experience teaching children from another culture was eye-opening. The children from our school were very involved in the lessons. When questions were asked they would all jump to volunteer and I found their confidence in answering very impressive.”

Destination: Accra, Ghana

Trip Organizers: Maryanne Masibo ’19 ([email protected]) & Obeyaa Ofori Atta ’19 ([email protected])

The Experience

The students spent their Break Out Trip teaching English, science, French, math, creative arts and religious studies to students in Ghana. Each volunteer was assigned to a class to help out and teach the students. In addition to teaching, the volunteers also graded and gave assignments, tutored the children one-on-one, and danced with them as well. This was a great opportunity for the Williams volunteers to learn about education and what being a teacher is like in a foreign country, as well as gain new cultural perspectives and experience as mentors.

Participant Quotes

  • I got to handle a class on my own, and also sit with teachers to devise learning strategies they can use to improve teaching.
  • “In addition to learning how to handle large classes of about 40, I was able to implement my own strategies and recommendations into the teaching process.”
  • “I learned independence and forced problem solving. Being in a foreign country without an adult forced us to be fully responsible, I appreciated this.”
  • I value the opportunity to learn from a teacher and classmates.  The classroom provides a welcoming space to ask questions and explore topics in a formal way and set up understanding of ideas before plunging into experiential learning.
  • “I think the connection between experience and learning is effort. I found that in these two weeks, I got a lot from my experience because I put in a lot of effort.”