Sustainable Nutrition in the Ecuadorian Amazon

There is a tight connection between experience/work and learning. Part of working is learning how to do the task, working in a group and then, in this case, we are encouraged to reflect in order to extend our learning experience.”

Destination: Tena, Ecuador

Trip Organizers: Grace Sullivan ’17 ([email protected]) & Alexia Barandiaran ’19 ([email protected])

The Experience

The students spent their Break Out Trip at Casa Bonuchelli, where they worked in different areas. Students spent their time working in the local orchard and painting a recycling mural at Escuala San Jose. The students also helped with English classes at Escuela Aldelmo Rodriguez. The students helped add educational computer games at Escuela Aldelmo Rodriguez. Finally, the students helped with the English musical for Casa Bonuchelli.

Participant Quotes

  • We learned about the people’s interaction with the environment, and how their lifestyle really depends on so many parts of the Amazon. I also learned about international service work in general as we interacted with many international volunteers at Casa Bonuchelli, the group we were working with.
  • “I got to practice my Spanish and meet people from other parts of the world, who helped expand my understanding of the different ways to exist.”
  • We were able to provide sustainable resources that were otherwise unavailable to this community, like building a playground with the community and planting 25 trees at the local school.
  • “Yes, I think that this trip has opened my eyes to the large amount of work required to live sustainably and mindfully on rainforest land while protecting the ecosystem.”