Teaching English in China

I’m very happy that our group got so close with the students at Xianyang. I did not expect for them to like us as much as they did.”

Destination: Xianyang, China

Trip Organizers: Minwei Cao ’17 ([email protected])

The Experience

In this trip, the students partnered with two high schools in Xianyang, China and taught high-schoolers some efficient ways of learning spoken English. The students made an effort to enhance their learning strategies and help promote a dialogue and listen to more spoken materials. The volunteers were able to bridge language barriers in order to communicate ideas and left the Chinese students with clear and tangible goals on how to improve their spoken English, creating open-mindedness and dialogue regarding education around the world.

Participant Quotes

  • “We got to teach the students English by having conversations with them, grading their homework, and helping the teachers write study guides.”
  • I got the opportunity to talk to high school students in China. While there are native Chinese speakers at Williams, many of them speak English fluently. I also got the opportunity to see what Chinese high school life is like.