Boston Science for Kids

“I think the work we did made a significant impact on many of the students…”

Destination: Boston, MA

Trip Organizers: Christina Chen ’16 ([email protected]) & Jaqueline Serrano ’17 ([email protected])

The Experience

In this Break Out Trip, participants spent the week volunteering with the Action for Boston Community Development (ABCD) Dorchester Neighborhood Service Center Youth Academy, with students ranging from 3rd-7th grade. Each day, the trip members talked about curriculum in the morning and then worked with the youth each afternoon. There were six stations each day that covered topics in biology, chemistry, and physics, and all of the stations were interactive with hands-on experiments. Fortunately, participants were also able to give extra materials to the Service Center so that the experiments could be done in the future after the trip was over. Each night, trip members spent time preparing for the next day and bonding with each other and the Williams alumni they were staying with.

Participant Quotes

  • “Experience is absolutely necessary for learning. We did a good job because the kids were excited and wanted us all to come back.”
  • “I think the work we did made a significant impact on many of the students: they were exposed to things they had never seen before and I think they are driven enough that they will continue to pursue these interests.”