Berkshire Humane Society

1. Camp Humane

Berkshire Humane Society is looking for support in developing engaging curriculum for our summer camp sessions. We run camp for 4 weeks and each week is a new grade level with 20 students. Beginning on July 7th with the fourth grade, we like to focus each week of camp on a particular over-arching theme. Here are the dates, grades and themes we have established:

    • July 7th through July 11th
      • 4th Grade – Farmers (a study on farm animals and how they help society)
      • 5th Grade – Workers (a study on working animals and their humans)
      • 6th Grade – Ecologists (a study of local wildlife and the environment around us)
      • 7th & 8th Grade – Zoologists (a study of world of wildlife and exotic animals)

Currently, we have two humane educators on staff to work directly with the Williams College student. We would ask the students to attend camp and help facilitate the curriculum in the classroom, as well as assistance in developing the educational schedule for each week.

2. Endangered Species Conference

Berkshire Humane Society started a new program in January 2014 called Humane Heroes. This program is geared specifically towards kids who are too young to volunteer at the shelter, but have an active interest in animal welfare. We are planning a special summer “conference” for the Humane Heroes where they will come for a week of special training on endangered species. We will do class projects, which will build up into a final presentation on the last day. This is a brand new event planned and we’re very excited to create some new curriculum.

3. Humane Education

Berkshire Humane Society is often asked to speak at schools or do classroom visits on a few staple topics like “Responsible Pet Ownership” or “Pet Overpopulation (Spay & Neuter)”. We would love for a student to help us develop a diverse set of talks to give various age groups that support the Massachusetts Frameworks standards. We want the flexibility to be able to speak in any classroom environment, whether it be kindergarten or 6th grade mathematics.

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Elizabeth Brown
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