E3 Academy Mentoring

VOLUNTEER at an exciting new opportunity at E3 Academy in North Adams, MA. The E3 Academy is a
program of Drury High School located in the North Adams Armory. A competency-based program, it is
designed for students who are over-age and under-credited and at risk of dropping out (or who may
already have dropped out). Our 12 students range in age from 17 to 20. The two teachers (Humanities
and STEM) work with the school counselor (SEL) to develop service-learning projects through which the
students have opportunities to achieve many of their competencies.
1 . Project Based Learning . We are looking for Williams students interested in working on a project with
our students that incorporates either engineering, design or coding. We can be very flexible as we
develop a project that both meets our needs (in terms of competencies) and makes the best use of
Williams’ strengths and interests. This would be a weekly two-hour commitment (12:30 to 2:30, with
the last half hour being review with the staff).
Time Commitment: 2-4 hrs per week
Winter Study (if available): 2-4 hrs program design and orientation with E3.
Second Semester : One day per week at E3. Leave Williams at 12:00 (ish) PM and return to
campus by 2:45 PM. One hour/week of prep and reflection at Williams.
2. Gym Mentors- We are also interested in working with Williams students during our gym period (11-12)
to develop interesting activities to engage the students in physical activity. We have gym Monday,
Wednesday and Friday, but would only look for Williams students to help out once a week. (Date TBD
depending on student availability). Note: MUST have drivers license to drive a college, zip or own
Time Commitment:1-2 hrs per week
Winter Study (if available): visits to E3 and orientation
Second Semester : One day per week at E3. Leave Williams at 10:40 am and arrive back to
campus by 12:15 pm.
Program Mentors:
Abby Reifsnyder, LICSW, School Adjustment Counselor
Kaatje White, Assistant Director of High School Outreach, Center for Learning in Action, Williams College
Bilal Ansari, Associate Director, The Davis Center, Williams College
Transportation and other logistical support provided by CLiA.
Please Apply and we will be back in touch to arrange a time to meet.
Thanks so much!! Questions, contact Kaatje White or Bilal Ansari