College Cars

Borrowing a College Car

  • The Center for Learning in Action directly manages two vehicles from the College Cars fleet, both silver/blue Toyota Sienna minivans ("CLiA 1" and "CLiA 2"). While this allows us to handle scheduling and key distribution independently from the College Cars office at Facilities, all terms and policies governing the use of College vehicles by students, faculty and staff are fully applicable to these vehicles. By requesting to borrow a vehicle, you acknowledge full acceptance of the terms described on Facilities' College Vehicles page.

    Specifically, these two vehicles are to be used only for travel related to community service and community-related experiential learning within a reasonable local radius of Williamstown. College vehicles may not be used for personal errands of any kind, and are typically not available for students participating in paid positions except those which are part of the Center for Learning in Action's programming.

    All drivers, including faculty and staff, must be approved to drive College vehicles. Please visit Facilities' College Vehicles page for details on how to become an approved driver. The first step is to enter your information on the Motor Vehicle Record Request Form.

    As part of the approval process, you will be asked to sign an acknowledgement that you have read and accepted the regulations relating to College vehicle use. Please pay particular attention to the sections describing eligibility, restrictions, driving guidelines, accident procedures, loss of privileges and fines. Please note that smoking is prohibited in all College vehicles, seat belt use is required, and cell phones may not be used while driving.

    The Center for Learning in Action will verify that all information is up-to-date before releasing vehicle keys to student drivers. Keys will not be released to student drivers under any circumstances if current approval status cannot be verified.

  • Please submit all vehicle requests via the CLiA Vehicle Request Form.

    Before requesting a vehicle, please view the calendar below which displays the current scheduling commitments for each vehicle, with "CLiA 1" indicated in blue and "CLiA 2" indicated in yellow. This calendar is updated manually as reservations are confirmed, so apparent availability on this calendar does not guarantee that we can fulfill your scheduling request. Similarly, previous commitments do not necessarily mean that we cannot fulfill your request, as it may be possible to accommodate your needs in conjunction with an existing trip, so please submit your request or contact us directly anyway. Requests are processed on a first-come, first-served basis, but reviewed individually and based on the following priorities:

    • Students participating in volunteer opportunities
    • Students participating in education outreach programs run by Center for Learning in Action staff
    • Existing reservations within 7 days of scheduled use
    • Daily recurring programs
    • Weekly recurring programs
    • Occasional, non-recurring or single event needs

    If we are unable to fulfill your request, you may be able to reserve another vehicle from the College Cars fleet by using Facilities' Vehicle Request Form. You may also consider the other transportation options listed on our Getting There page.

  • Vehicle Pick-Up

    Once your reservation has been confirmed, keys and mileage slips may be picked up from and returned to Colin Ovitsky at the Center for Learning in Action office in Brooks House on weekdays between 10am-5pm.  The following guidelines apply:

    1. Driver’s license & cell phone: You must show a valid driver's license and provide your cell phone number at the time you pick up the keys for the vehicle.
    2. Keys: When practical, keys to a reserved vehicle are to be picked up just prior to (within an hour of) the departure time indicated on your approved Vehicle Reservation Form. Should the departure time fall outside normal working hours, the reserving organization must make arrangements to pick up the vehicle keys between 2:00-4:00pm on the business day (Mon-Fri) preceding the trip. The vehicle, however, may not leave the parking garage prior to the departure time indicated on the Vehicle Reservation Form.
    3. Key wallets: Keys to College vehicles are attached to wallets. Inside each wallet is a mileage slip, a credit card (provided based on distance of trip), and an Emergency Roadside Assistance Card.
      • The driver must complete the mileage slip and record their name, organization, destination, departure time, return time, mileage at start and end of trip, and fuel level at end of trip. Any comments about the vehicle or problems encountered may be noted here as well.
      • The credit card is to be used for fuel and expenses for the automobile only. A pamphlet outlining the service stations that honor this credit card is located in the glove compartment.
      • Also enclosed is a PHH Fleet America Emergency Roadside Assistance Card, which is to be used in the case of a vehicle breakdown.
    4. Vehicles: When weather allows (approximately mid-April to mid-November), the vehicles are parked in the two designated CLiA spaces in the Brooks lot outside the CLiA office. For the remaining months when there is potential for winter weather (approximately mid-November to mid-April), the vehicles are parked on the bottom level (Level 1) of the parking garage behind the '62 Center in the two spaces marked "CLiA Vans Only." Unless specifically arranged in advance, vehicles should always be returned to the same location from which they were picked up. Colin Ovitsky will notify all drivers when the location changes occur each fall and spring. If the designated spaces are occupied by other vehicles, please park the vehicles as close to as possible to their designated spaces.
    5. Visual inspection: Before departing, the authorized driver should quickly inspect the vehicle and note any problems on the mileage slip. Upon returning, another inspection should be made and any new problems noted. If the vehicle should be removed from travel immediately, please call Colin Ovitsky at 413-597-5041 during weekday business hours, or call Campus Safety & Security at 413-597-4444 outside of business hours.
    6. Be on time: The scheduling of these vehicles only works if all drivers are respectful of the high demand and limited availability of the vehicles. Please be sure to pick up and return the vehicles on time, to the correct location, and with at least 1/4 tank of gas!

    Vehicle Return

    1. Gas: Please be courteous to the next driver and make sure there is at least 1/4 tank of gas before returning the vehicle. Be sure to mark the current fuel level on the gauge image at the top of the mileage slip.
    2. Trash: When returning a vehicle, all debris is to be removed and placed in the trash receptacle in the parking garage. You will be charged an additional $15 if the vehicle is not cleaned.
    3. Lock it & turn everything off: Be sure the vehicle is locked, and that all windows are closed and lights (interior and exterior) are turned off.
    4. Mileage slip & keys: Return the completed mileage slip and keys to Colin Ovitsky in Brooks House immediately upon returning the vehicle. If your return is after business hours, return these items to the locked vehicle key drop box outside the Center for Learning in Action office door, or no later than 10am on the following business day. Be sure your beginning and ending miles are filled in and that you have noted any problems you encountered with the vehicle.
    5. Late night return: If you are late in returning to campus and are concerned about safety, request an escort through Campus Safety & Security at 413-497-4444. Do not keep a vehicle overnight.
    6. Be on time: Failure to return a College vehicle on time or with less than 1/4 tank of gas may result in additional charges or a loss of driving privileges.
  • An accident shall be defined as any event which results in damage to a vehicle or property, or injury to a person. All registration and insurance information is in the glove compartment. It is the responsibility of the driver to call the police, fill out and submit an Accident Report Form, and obtain necessary information from the other party.  Should a College vehicle be involved in an accident during business hours, the authorized driver must notify and submit the proper forms to Colin Ovitsky at 413-597-5041 as soon as possible.  During non-business hours, notify and submit the proper forms to Campus Safety & Security at 413-597-4444. There is a blank Accident Report Form in the glove compartment which can be filled out at the time of the accident or immediately upon return to campus.


Please contact Colin Ovitsky ([email protected] or 413-597-5041), with any questions or concerns.