Instructional Resources

  • Welcome to the guided training for content management and editing within the Williams WordPress theme, and more specifically, the CLiA website. Before you begin, please contact Colin Ovitsky ([email protected]) to be granted Editor rights on our stage site so you can practice the steps outlined in the training. The stage site is a test environment, and the changes made there will not have any impact on our actual/live/public site.

    Here are the links you'll need:

    *Note that you need to either be on-campus or connected to the Williams VPN to access and log into this site, as it is not accessible for remote access.

    Once you are connected via VPN, or if you are already on a campus network, you should have no issues accessing the stage site. From there, you can scroll to the bottom and click "Login," or you can link directly to the login page here, then use your usual email credentials.

    You may also set up your own site on which to learn and try some of the aspects of content creation and editing. To do so, click here and follow the instructions under "Personal Site."

    The CLiA WordPress Training page offers step-by-step instructions for some of the more common tasks related to the CLiA website.

    For those for whom it is relevant, you will be given rights on our live site once you are comfortable and ready to make that transition. If you have any questions or difficulties while going through the training, please email Colin Ovitsky ([email protected]).