Converging Worlds

Founding President: Yazmine Nichols ’15 ([email protected])
Student Leaders: Anna Pomper ([email protected])
Faculty/Staff Adviser: Sharif Rosen ([email protected])
Meeting Time/Place: Weekly / Paresky

Converging Worlds is an organization that advocates and organizes against mass incarceration and social injustices in the prison system. Through a variety of different programming and initiatives, Converging Worlds seeks to raise awareness about how institutionalized racism and other forms of systemic discrimination (with regards to gender, sexuality, disability, etc.) lead to the unjust and inhumane treatment of people in the name of ‘justice,’ particularly people with marginalized identities. In addition to raising awareness, the organization leads and participates in community outreach programs in attempt to support people involved in the prison system and to empower ‘at-risk’ populations in hopes of guiding them away from the prison system. Converging Worlds hosts speakers and events, letter-writing to incarcerated adults, self-education meetings, tutoring programs, and, most recently, a restorative justice mentoring program called the “Justice League” for middle school students from Pittsfield. In effect, the organization contributes to shifts in perceptions of ‘criminals’ and criminality and creates opportunities to implement alternative forms of justice.

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