Williams Student Union

When available, the complete list of active Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) for the current academic year can be found on the Office of Campus Life website. If you would like to contact the student leader(s) of this organization, please email [email protected].

The Williams Student Union is empowered to consider matters of interest to students and shall act as a voice for students in official matters if requested. The Williams Student Union ensures that the voice and concerns of students are amplified and that the administration is best serving the needs of students through advocacy to the administration or through the support of different student initiatives. Through various forms of advocacy, the Williams Student Union will begin to collect institutional knowledge that will help future generations of students navigate the bureaucracy at the College.

The Williams Student Union will:

  1. Create spaces for students to air grievances, talk about student concerns, and voice opinions. This can be through the creation of campus forums, town halls, or open meetings.
  2. Amplify student issues or concerns, especially to raise awareness to the student body and bring issues to the administration.
  3. Hold public, regularly scheduled meetings that are spaces for students to voice their opinions.
  4. Serve as a link between the administration and students, especially for important campus issues or policies.
  5. Create a publicly-accessible record archive that contains information on current membership and Union issues.