Students for Israeli-Palestinian Dialogue

Student Leaders: Sydney Pope (sgp2) & Gaby Ivanova (ggi1)
Faculty/Staff Advisor: Seth Wax

SIPD aims to bring students together — no matter their background, ideological leanings, or perspectives — and provide opportunities and forums to share and learn more about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and occupation. We see there is a gap in campus conversations, so our goal is to create more open dialogue, education, and compassion within the community about the reality in Palestine and Israel. We hope to achieve this by inviting speakers from the region and around the world, ranging from scholars, artists, filmmakers, activists — all individuals with powerful stories to share. Part of our mission is to increase education and awareness and to create spaces to practice critical skills, so a big part of our programming is hosting workshops around Palestinian and Israeli history, as well as how to facilitate dialogue and develop active listening skills. We hope this will help the community gain more insight and context so that we can engage respectfully over such a charged topic and better understand where people are coming from.