Sexual Wellness Advocacy Group (SWAG)

Student Leaders: Gabriella Kallas ([email protected]), Zoe Taylor ([email protected])
Board Members: Phoebe Hall ([email protected]), Sarah Fleming ([email protected]), Ben Metrikin ([email protected]), Ryan Buggy ([email protected])
Faculty/Staff Adviser: Donna Denelli-Hess ([email protected])
Meeting Time/Place: Sundays 3pm, Schapiro 129

SWAG strives to introduce topics of consent and healthy relationships to local middle school and high school students. The group does this through workshops with students as well as through creating relationships with administrators and teachers to create consent-promoting initiatives. It is the purpose of SWAG not to impose a one size fits all method on bringing consent to campuses, but to work closely with students, teachers, and administration to figure out the best ways in which to bring our information and messages to local campuses.






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