Grassroots Advocacy and Labor Alliance

This group is inactive as of the 2023-24 academic year.

Student Leaders: Levi Hughes (nmh3) & Zephie Gollin (zcg1)
Faculty/Staff Advisor: Jean Grant

The purpose of GALA is to create student engagement in matters concerning, labor, class, and unions under a nonpartisan affiliation. One of the central goals of GALA is to educate students on how to unionize, protect themselves from exploitation in the workplace via policy and resources, and organize not only themselves but also their local communities in the common interests of workers. Since local communities strengthen unions and unions help to energize communities in a mutually beneficial relationship, GALA hopes to generate student involvement in the local community to help revitalize parts of the labor movement through understanding how communities may be impacted by matters concerning, employment, labor, and workplace discrimination.