Student Employment Information

Contract for Williams College Fellows/Teaching Interns

Please read, acknowledge and digitally sign the Williams Elementary Outreach Contract for Williams College Fellows/Teaching Interns.



Please remember to complete your online timecard according to dates on the Williams HR schedule so that you get paid for your work.  Following through with this process lets us know that you are working regularly and helps prevent problems with payroll.  You can refer to the website below for more details:

You are not expected to work during elementary school holidays or Williams holidays.  If you are interested in working hours in addition to your set time, please contact WEO staff to explore options.



Important!  Please read Notes on Communication with the Classroom Teacher.

One of the crucial elements for the success of the program and for your success working in a local school is communication.  We encourage you to communicate with your classroom teacher as much as possible.  WEO staff facilitates communication between you and your teacher as needed.



Always contact your class room teacher and a WEO staff member if you are sick or unable to go to work!