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Williamstown Rural Lands Foundation Educators

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Reflections & Testimonials

  • Over the course of the Wednesdays, we did a lot with the kids–but every week there was some sort of craft and/or baking project (rafts, duct tape wallets, home-made butter and rolls) as well as some sort of outdoor nature activity (collecting and observing wood frog eggs, hiking up the hill, playing games, building fires, looking at birds). Leslie was an immense resource of ideas and knowledge, and is great with the kids. Leslie also really took our ideas into consideration, and let us lead specific activities that we brought to the table. Couldn’t ask for better support.  Sheep Hill is such a wonderful resource and I really hope other students get to experience working there! I had a wonderful experience. – Claire Leyden ’16
  • I enjoyed picking kids up and flipping them upside down and going on nature hikes. Leslie was always there to step in when kids were having a rough time (which was rare), and she always had great ideas planned for the afternoons. – Peter Drews ’14
  • At Woodchuck Wednesdays we went hiking with the kids, had other experiences with capture the flag, made fires for smores and dough, etc. – Paige Wilkinson ’16
  • I always felt like Leslie was really looking out for us, giving us tips, and asking for our feedback on activities.  I thought this was a fantastic program. – Conrad Damstra ’16


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