Science Fellows at WES

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Williams Elementary Outreach

Science Fellows (WES)

Reflection & Testimonials

  • “I learned the most from interacting one-on-one, or in small groups with kids. I really enjoyed playing and answering questions.”
  • “I learned how to communicate with kids. I also learned how to help them. I was actively involved with them during the labs.”
  • “I came to realize how difficult it is to work with young children, because they have short attention spans — something I would not have realized by simply observing.  It demonstrated how draining, yet rewarding teaching can be.”
  • “I learned about classroom management. So much fun!”
  • “The program is wonderful and I really enjoyed the experience.”


Goals & Responsibilities

WES Science Fellows are expected to assist with at least one science lesson each week in either Kindergarten, First or Second grades. They will work one-on-one and in small groups to support the lessons. Williams helpers often read aloud to students in preparation for activities related to topics like Animals in the Habitats, States of Matter, Life Cycles in Nature, How the Solar System Works, Simple Machines, etc. For any further questions, email Tracy Baker-White.


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