Science Fellows at NAPS

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Williams Elementary Outreach

Science Fellows (NAPS)

Reflection & Testimonials

  • “Becoming a Science Fellow gave me the opportunity to connect with the North Adams community in a unique way. The relationships that were forged with the incredible staff at the Center for Learning in Action, my Williams teaching partners, the teacher I worked alongside in the classroom, and the amazing class of fifth graders I had the privilege of getting to know made this experience extremely special and something I looked forward to every week.” – Lauren Moseley ’16
  • “It was a great experience for me and teaching students helped me understand the importance of communication. I couldn’t have been happier with my teaching partner and classroom teacher. Each day at work was an adventure.” – Dvivid Trivedi ’17
  • “My teaching partner and I loved going into the classroom each week. Working with the students was super rewarding and their excitement and curiosity for the experiments and lessons were infectious!” – Katie Swoap ’17
  • “Working with kids reminds you to always be curious about the world around you and never be afraid to ask questions.” – Rebecca Durst ’17


Goals & Responsibilities

Science Fellows working in North Adams schools teach one science lesson each week and participate in related program activities. As part of the Teaching to Learn initiative, these activities include attendance at orientations, participation in periodic trainings focused on effective science teaching, planning time with teaching partners, and weekly debriefing with North Adams teachers in whose classrooms Science Fellows work. For any further questions, email Molly Polk.


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