Middle School Mentors

Middle School Mentors

 Williams Elementary Outreach

Classroom Support, Greylock School

Reflection & Testimonials

  • “I worked with a 6th grade social studies class along with a 6th grade English class.  In the social studies class, the teacher allowed Chaewon and me to address the class and share our experiences, since we grew-up in very different places– South Korea and Puerto Rico. We also shared our interests in sociology and economic. This sparked some interesting conversations, and bridged a way for us to connect with kids in both an academic and experiential way.” – Abigail Matthew ’18
  • “Today we talked about the Honor Code and what that means for both an elementary setting and a college setting. We talked about the academic misconduct issues happening at Syracuse University right now. Since I was on the Honor and Disciple Committee last year, I was able to talk to them about my experiences and give real life examples (confidentiality was definitely considered in the talking of this) of what happens when someone breaks the honor code at Williams. I talked about how one could be suspended or even expelled, and how either of those on your transcript can make it really hard to transfer or even go to Grad School. We also talked about the difference between “getting help” and “copying”, as well as collaboration and copying.” – Andrew Lyness ’17


Goals & Responsibilities

Classroom Support places students in sixth grade classrooms at Greylock School in North Adams to assist students during lessons taught by classroom teacher. During this time, they develop close mentoring relationships with middle school students and potentially try out some lessons of their own design as well.

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