First Grade Buddies

First Grade Buddies

 Williams Elementary Outreach

First and Second Grade Buddies

 Reflection & Testimonials

  • “It has been really awesome to actually start to get to know some of these students and understand their story and their activities. The smile on their face when we come brightens my day.” – Mariama Ndiaye ’17
  • “I have really enjoyed working with these kids this semester.  I have developed relationships with several kids and I enjoy reconnecting with them every week to see how they are doing.  I have come to learn that many of them have struggles at home that are larger than simply sharing a soccer ball.  I do my best to listen to their stories and I truly believe they appreciate having someone there to listen to them.” – Lara Lathrop ’18


Goals & Responsibilities

Buddies assist first and second grade teachers at lunch and recess at Brayton Elementary School in North Adams. First and second graders love talking, eating, playing, and learning with Williams students, and the Williams First and Second Grade Buddies love the chance to get off campus and develop relationships with children in our community.

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