Classroom Help

Williams Elementary Outreach

Williamstown Elementary School (WES) Classroom Help

Goals & Responsibilities 

  • Time Commitment: 6-8 hours per week
  • Work Hours: flexible, during school day, to be arranged with teachers

Paid job working at Williamstown Elementary School. Develop a close relationship with a single class and teacher as a classroom assistant. Great if considering a career in teaching (although not required)! Not only are you there to help the kids but to further your skills as a leader in the classroom as well. WES teachers become great mentors!

Job responsibilities include leading small groups in reading and science; working one-on-one in writing and math; grading assignments and copying papers; walking the class to lunch and gym; overseeing the students during whole-class lessons. School is within walking distance of campus (5-10 minute walk).

For any further questions, email Geraldine Shen. To hear from a current classroom assistant, email student leaders Amy Rosten & Clara Beery.



  • “I really loved working with my teacher. She’s very interested in talking about what she’s doing with her classroom helpers. What I wasn’t expecting was how much I learned about the curriculum elements, how the teaching works: how the curriculum is set up, how you start with an outline, and how it translates to the classroom. They’re working with a new common core math curriculum, and it was really cool to see how they were trying to implement that.” ~ Williams Student ’19
  • “I loved having this opportunity as a work study option. It was a great break from the campus life as I was able to interact with people that weren’t my age, and that was wonderful and inspiring.” ~ Williams Student ’16
  • “I had a really great time doing class help this year. I learned how to tell when the teacher needed help and when I should just sit back and let her handle the situation. I learned to help plan and design lessons and I learned about how to adjust to students’ different levels of learning. I learned what a diverse community we have here in terms of the different experiences students have at home and I learned how different growing up in a town is as opposed to in a city. I also learned that even on my worst days, my mood could be completely turned around by a hug from a student, which was a really nice feeling.” ~ Williams Student ’19


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