Writing, Student Support and Subject Area Fellows

The [email protected] MG supports student writing and development. We look forward to having Williams students serve each year as writing coaches and student mentors in middle and high school English and academic support classrooms. In addition, Fellows are now recruited to assist in other subject areas as we have expanded our reach to include in any given year depending on the need and availability of Williams students,  select Spanish, Latin, math, science, history, art, and music classrooms.  Mt. Greylock teachers utilize their Williams Fellows in a variety of ways to better reach the needs of individual and small groups within their classrooms. Writing Fellows are also available to help with the college essay process.

Writing Fellows and Student Support Fellows

Our mission is to support all students through one-on-one dialogue that promotes improvement through revision-based writing and skills work.

Writing Fellows are selected because of their commitment to education, their experience as strong writers, and their desire to serve as teaching coaches to the students at Mt. Greylock. Student Support Fellows also serve as role models and exhibit a desire to work with students who face academic, behavioral, and/or cognitive challenges. This position allows Williams students interested in working in the field of special education valuable, hands-on experience with individual students.

While the program coordinators and faculty oversee these initiatives, it is the Fellows who give it the energy, enthusiasm, and consistency it requires. Our goal is that the Williams Fellows grow as mentors and teachers while the students at Mt. Greylock grow as writers, critical thinkers, and advocates for their own learning.

Writing Fellows assist students with their writing through various stages of revision with the guidance of Mt. Greylock teachers during weekly visits to individual English and select history classrooms. In addition, some Fellows offer high school students writing critiques remotely via Google Docs. This opportunity gives Williams students a chance to contribute to the dynamics of a middle or high school class, gaining valuable, hands-on, classroom and critiquing experience.