Greylock StoryTime

Greylock StoryTime guests are Williams students who have volunteered to share their personal and diverse stories with our middle and high school students. We have partnered with Williams’ Story Board to recruit storytellers in the past, but we are open to ​anyone who is enthusiastic to share their story. The audience size will vary.

We host ​StoryTime​ during the Directed Study period, from ​10:16 – 10:41 am​ during the school day. We ask that you prepare a 20-minute story, leaving a few minutes at the end for students to ask questions. (We will work together to confirm a date.)

Our gatherings take place in the school’s main lobby/atrium. With your permission, we will video record each ​StoryTime​ with the help of our friends at WilliNet, Williamstown’s public access station. Your story will be featured on WilliNet’s webpage and local channel.

This year, we thought we might expand our mission; a) to bring diverse experiences and voices to our students in order to expand their developing perspectives and b) to hook our audiences with fun, performative, theatrical storytellers. Do you have a great autumn story you can share? (A Halloween horror tale? A mystery? A story with a surprise? Think outside the box!) Solo storytellers as well as pairs/teams are most welcome. Remember that your audience is younger and will look to you as a role model. It’s a great idea to practice your story before sharing it with us. If you’d like any feedback prior to your visit, you are welcome (but certainly not required) to share your piece with Liza Barrett, our School Librarian and faculty ​StoryTime​ coordinator. Email address: ​[email protected]​.

Contact ​Jessica Dils​ (​[email protected]​) the Williams Center @ Mt. Greylock’s FellowsProgram Consultant to schedule an upcoming date. Please send along both a ​TITLE​ for your story as well as a ​brief​, one-line description;​ we’ll use this for our publicity in school

Watch some past Stories below:

Eli Cytrynbaum ‘20 “My Personal Philosophy to Spread Kindness”
Melanie Subbiah ‘17 “My Summer at FaceBook”
Anne Johnston, Firefighting
Max Harmon ‘18 “Hiking the Appalachian Trail”
Gabby Markel ’18  “Alaskan Animals 101”
Diego Gonzalez ’18 “From Pong to Reality”
Anna Kim ’19 “Finding Your Fire in the Stream of Life”
Moiz Rehan ’19 “Staying True to Myself”