Pownal Buddies

   A Williams student eats cafeteria lunch with a school age child.Williams students doing cartwheels with school age children

Pownal Buddies – volunteer position

  • Time Commitment: 2 hours per week
  • Where: Pownal Elementary School
  • Hours: Friday afternoons, 11:30-1:20 or 12:00-1:50 or 12:40-2:20, including transportation time
  • Dates: September to mid-November and March to mid-May
  • Contact: Jennifer Swoap
  • Sign up Form
  • Volunteer Interest Form

Volunteer at Pownal Elementary School. Come play with 3rd, 4th graders, or 5th graders during lunch and recess! It’s all about hanging out, facilitating play, and lending a listening ear. Kids want someone to talk to and someone who will listen to them. Think kickball, soccer, hopscotch, legos, The Mandalorian, and jokes. All transportation is provided. The van leaves from the circular drive at 51 Park St (across from Paresky).


Williams student playing ball with school age children Williams student and school age child running at recessWilliams student running at recess with two school age childrenWilliams student and school age children writing with chalk on pavementWilliams student and school age children running at recess   Williams students playing with school age children on pavement Williams student and school age children playing duck duck goose  Williams students playing ball with school age children Williams student eating cafeteria lunch with school age children