Pine Cobble Educators

Paid Opportunities

Pine Cobble(PC) is an independent day school that has been in operation for 82 years. PC, a mile from the Williams Campus on Gale Road, serves a broad socio-economic mix of families who want an independent way of thinking about their child’s education. At PC, we are very child centered and the joy of learning is our biggest focus. We strive every day to nurture in each student a lifelong passion for learning, respect for all human beings and our environment, and a strong sense of self.
Interested in learning more: Contact Devin Wootton ([email protected])
Must have own car or ability to drive a college or zip car to Pine Cobble. Biking or
walking is also a great option!

Kid Lit Ambassador Assistant
Pine Cobble School’s Kid Lit Ambassador is not your average school Librarian. She is an expert on children’s and young adult literature, who takes pride in putting the right book in the hands of the right student. She needs support with organizing the library, finding the right books, and keeping up with the catalog.

This job is for you if:
● You pride yourself on knowing the Dewey Decimal System
● You have an eye for organization
● You’re not afraid of a giant stack of unorganized books.
● You know the pure joy that comes from both searching for the right book, and finding it
● You’re willing to roll up your sleeves, dig in, and help bring order to a wonderful space

Kindergarten Support
Pine Cobble School is looking for an energetic and joyful individual to support our Kindergarten Program. Our Kindergarten students explore the outdoors, build, take apart, create, read and write, while learning how to be learners and members of a community.

This job is for you if:
● You believe work and play are both synonymous with learning
● You understand that adults and children both can be teachers and learners
● You feel like getting dirty is the sign of a good day
● You are interested in learning how a child-centered classroom operates
● Helping to support the early stages of literacy and phonemic awareness is exciting
● You want to work with a seasoned teacher with a true passion for the work

Beginners Support
Pine Cobble School is looking for an energetic and joyful individual to support our Beginners Program. Beginners are our youngest students, most around 3 years old. We have a big group this year and need support with reading to them, playing, cleaning, and supervision.

This job is for you if:
● You believe a person’s a person no matter how small
● You know there is learning in laughter and in tears
● You understand early childhood education is a team effort
● You want to learn more about helping children grow through play and respectful conversation
● You want to learn how to encourage joyful inquiry, and intentional character
● You want to work with a seasoned teacher with a true passion for the work

After School Program Assistant
Pine Cobble School is seeking a wonderful caregiver to be part of the After School Program. You would be part of a caring community who provides a nurturing environment that celebrates each child’s unique qualities and recognizes the value of each individual. If you are self-motivated and reliable, pro-active and patient when it comes to conflict resolution, and you value the importance of a caring environment, we would like to meet you. The hours are from 3-5:30pm, Monday to Friday.

Arts Teaching Assistant
Pine Cobble believes in the arts. Through art, our students express themselves, communicate ideas, observe closely, integrate new ideas, and nurture an open mind. The arts inspire wonder, offer solace, teach children to problem-solve, take risks, and engage fully – with the mind, body, and spirit. That’s why art is integrated into our curricula at every grade level. Pine Cobble students experience visual art through drawing, painting, sculpture, sewing, music, ceramics, theatre, and more. In each of these endeavors, it’s the process, not necessarily, the product, that matters most. We are looking for a Williams student to work with our art faculty to help inspire students to think differently and joyfully. Time of day can be worked around the student’s schedule.

Other Positions
Pine Cobble is a school that nurtures passions. Are you interested in working in a school that values collaboration, inclusion and the natural world? Please reach out if you’d like to work in a classroom or school, we’d love to meet you. Our students are 3 to 14 years old and study a wide variety of subjects. Let’s find a job for you that lets you share your passions!