Outdoor Activities

Fall Owling video by Darren Wang ’23.  A brief look into an ongoing project at Hopkins Memorial Forest: capturing, banding, and measuring Northern Saw-Whet Owls.  Video footage is from fall 2020.

Hopkins Forest Escape Room: Travel Through Time! by Eva Castagna ’22 and Regina Fink ’22.    Complete this virtual escape room to learn about the Hopkins Forest History with Caretaker Drew as your guide.

Lehman Science Projects by Lehman Community Engagement (LCE).  Learn how to create an Aquatic Ecosystem in a jar, make chalk from eggshells and make Solar Oven S’Mores.

Lehman Short Story Prompts by Lehman Community Engagement (LCE).   Hone your creative writing skills with prompts appropriate for elementary and middle school kids.

Spring Amphibians video by Darren Wang ’23.  Learn about herping (searching for amphibians and reptiles), vernal pools, wood frogs, spotted salamanders, plus general frog and salamander handling guidelines.

Maple Sugaring Activity by Rachel Morrow ’22.   Learn facts about maple sugaring and learn how to make your own maple syrup.

Do-It-Yourself Nature Art Projects by Lehman Community Engagement (LCE).  These art projects use materials that can be found outside, like pinecones, sticks, or leaves, and other art supplies that are commonly found in homes. The goals of these art projects are to motivate children to be outside and spend more time making art.

Neighborhood Walk Scavenger Hunt by Lehman Community Engagement (LCE).  Cross off all of the things that you see on your next family walk!

Make a Nature Bracelet with Alice-Henry Carnell ’22, an outdoor educator and caretaker at Hopkins Memorial Forest.

Consumers and Producers worksheet by Gavin McGough ’22

Abiotic Ecosystem Elements & Decomposers worksheet by Gavin McGough ’22

HMF Remote Map Activity worksheet by Gavin McGough ’22

Additional resources are available on the Hopkins Forest page under Educator’s Corner


Hopkins Memorial Forest Halloween Scavenger Hunt (discontinued as of November 26, 2020 – please send any feedback to Renee Schiek)
Williams educators have created a scavenger hunt at Hopkins Forest.   At each station you can learn a bit about Hopkins Forest, figure out the answer to a Halloween-themed joke, follow the clue to the next station and collect letter clues to solve the final word scramble!   There are 8 stations included in the hunt.   The first five stations are near the Rosenburg Center, while the optional last 3 stations are on the Lower Loop Trail.   The Lower Loop Trail is 1.5 miles long, starting immediately west/east of the Rosenburg Center; the northern leg is on the old carriage trail and the southern leg parallels an old farm road.   Happy Hunting!
Information about Hopkins Memorial Forest, including directions, can be found at https://hmf.williams.edu/     The Rosenburg Center is located at 271 NW Hill Road, Williamstown, MA 01267.