Brayton & Williams Partnership Annual Report

Brayton Elementary & Williams College Partnership Activities 2019-2020

Molly Polk, North Adams coordinator for Williams Elementary Outreach

Williams Elementary Outreach (WEO) coordinates multiple programs, connects with various student-led groups and Williams faculty and staff, and collaborates with community partners to develop and implement its partnership work with Brayton Elementary.

North Adams students and teachers also take advantage of opportunities to visit the Williams campus for dance classes at the ’62 Center for Theatre and Dance and field trips to Hopkins Forest and the Planetarium where Williams students, faculty, and staff support programs that are connected to the NAPS students’ curricula.

Science Fellows program

16 Williams students (fall); 21 (spring): days varied (Oct-March/June) @2.5 hrs/wk

K, L. Hobbie-Welch (spring only): Inaya Payne-Wilks ‘20, Mila Nazarali ‘23

K, S. Onorato (spring only): Brian Hernandez ‘23, Lucy Grossbard ‘23

1st grade, J. Thomas: Mohammad Faizaan ‘23, Claire Shao ‘22

1st grade, N. Ricci: Emaun Irani ‘20, Morinsola Tinubu ‘23, Julia Gunther ‘20

3rd grade, R. Lawson: Kiri Peirce ‘20, Eugene Cho ‘20

3rd grade, G. Labbance: Mukund Nair ‘22, Steve Menjivar ‘22

4th grade, M. McCarron: Heidi Leeds ’22, Petros Markopoulos ‘23, Allie Campbell ‘21, Dominic Clarke ‘21

5th grade, M. Chapman (2 sections): Emaun Irani ‘20, Zaynab Ibrahim ‘23


First & Second Grade Buddies

13 Williams students (fall); 7 (Winter Study); 14 (spring): Tuesdays, Fridays (Sept-March/May), 11:45am-12:45pm

1st grade, N. Riccki, J. Thomas, and classroom assistants

2nd grade, J. Mutka, T. Piekos, and classroom assistants

Olivia Carlson ’20, Emma Casey ’23, AJ Chabot ’21, Alex Giles ’22, Brian Hernandez ’23, Caroline Hess ’23, Sebastian

Job ’22, Sarah Kelly ’20, Thea Lance ’20, Amy Martinez ’23, Hanna Morgan ’22, James Ottley ’22, Inaya Payne-Wilks

’20, Chelsea Romulus ’22, Helene Ryu ’22, Mahesh Saha ’22, Megan Siedman ‘20, Morinsola Tinubu ’23, Lucera Whitmore ’23



4 Williams students (fall); 5 (spring): days varied (Sept-March), @1 hour/week

3rd grade lessons in Scratch coding language; R. Lawson, G. Labbance (fall and spring)

Mark Bissell ’22, Enoch Chou ’23, Leyla Kamshad ’23, Rain Condie ’22, April Li ’23, Nate Orluk ’22, Minh Phan ’23


Let’s Dance!: October-March, 2 days/wk after school at Williams College

Williams Faculty member Janine Parker with Maria Avrantini ’23, Erin Meadors ’20, Lucy Walker ’23


Link to Libraries: Lawson, Labbance, McCarron, Green, February and March

AJ Chabot ’21, Regina Fink ’22, Morgan Harris ’20, Sarah Nelson ’23, Michaela O’Connor ’21, Chelsea Romulus ’22,


Williams Students’ Volunteer Initiatives:

Williams student-run After School Tutoring: Oct-March/May, 2 hrs/wk; 16 Williams students (fall); 22 (spring)

Williams student-run Assist Program: Oct-March,@1 hr/wk; 26 Williams students (fall and spring), Brayton and Greylock


COVID-19 Responses:

4 Science Fellows and 2 Brayton teachers continued collaborating on virtual science curriculum development and instruction in Spring 2020.  The Science Fellows did so on a volunteer basis.  An archive was created of their work.

A modified virtual First and Second Grade Buddies program also continued after school closures in March 2020.  Several Zoom meetings were held where the FSGB led games for for first and second grade students.  The continued human connection was uplifting for college and elementary students alike.

Student volunteers in the Brayton After School program created a YouTube channel for children’s books that they read aloud.  The videos were shared with NAPS families.


Field Trips and Special Programs:

October 18, 2019: 5th grade field trip to Hopkins Forest for ecosystems, cycles, and food webs.

December 11, 2019: 4 students from Williams College Jewish Association read Hanukkah stories and played games with 1st grade students.

December 13, 2019: 1st grade field trip to Williams College Planetarium.