Recess Buddies at NAPS schools

Recess Buddies (part of Classroom Support) – paid position

  • Time Commitment: 1.5-3 hours per week
  • Where: Brayton Elementary School and Greylock Elementary School North Adams Public Schools
  • Work Hours: Brayton Elementary: M-Fri 11-12:30pm (except on Wednesday); Greylock: M-Fri 11:30-12:30pm
  • Contact: Amy Sosne
  • Common Application

The Recess Buddies Program is a new program at Brayton and Greylock Elementary Schools that is developed out of the increased need for social and emotional support as well as mentor/mentee interactions between the Williams College Students and Elementary Students.  During the pandemic students college students were not permitted to visit the elementary schools and elementary students were significantly limited in their social interactions with peers and older role models/mentors.  The goal of this program is for college students to connect with elementary students of all grade and ages in a safe, fun, outdoor setting.  Recess Buddies will begin the year only participating in outdoor recess.  Because of the pandemic and COVID protocols, eating lunch with elementary students is no longer an option so buddies will join students outside.  It is recommended, though not required, for college students to be able to commit to going to Brayton or Greylock Elementary School twice a week, though the schools welcome once a week or even more than twice a week! 

This program allows the college students to really get to know elementary students of all ages (as grades rotate in and out or recess) and to form closer connections in a social setting with these students as they engage with familiar faces week after week.  It is a great way to relearn hopscotch, dodgeball, tag, and all sorts of fun elementary games!  The elementary students look forward to their college mentors during recess (and at any time) to play and have fun.  

This is a great opportunity to get off campus and form relationships with young students in our neighboring community.  Note; we help find all buddies transportation to the schools and from the schools.  Please do not let transportation worry be a deterrent from any of the North Adams Programs,