Volunteer Opportunities at NAPS


  • Time Commitment: 1-2 hours per week
  • Where: Brayton Elementary School/Greylock Elementary School, North Adams Public Schools
  • Work Hours: TBD between college student and mentee’s teacher.  College student will spend 1:1 individual time with elementary student at least one hour a week and consistently at the same time each week.
  • Contact: Amy Sosne 

The Mentorship Program (also called Big Sibs/Littles Sibs) is a new volunteer program that is based directly off of the Assist Program, which had been a registered student organization up until the fall, 2022.  Both programs were created in North Adams evolved out of the growing need for individual 1:1 mentorship in the elementary schools.  College students (big sibs) are paired with a little sib at the discretion of the elementary schools’ Dean of Students and/or Principals based on their assessment on students who would benefit most from having this mentoring relationship.  Since COVID, there has been an even more increased need for mentors and the consistent development of an individual 1:1 relationship in the elementary schools.  All students could benefit from having a college student spend one hour a week with them during the school day and having this individualized attention.  There is an overwhelming need for social and emotional support as well as mentor/mentee interactions between the Williams College Students and Elementary Students.  Such experiences are incredibly enriching for both the elementary student and the college students, providing both individuals with a sense of fulfillment and contributing to an overall sense of wellbeing.  Big sibs and little sibs may spend their time together during recess or class time where they might be permitted to play a quiet game, read a book, or work on a special project.

This program allows the college students to really get to know an elementary student and hopefully continue to mentor the elementary student during their time at Williams.  One hour, once a week, and one connection can truly make a lifetime of difference in a child’s life. 

Note; transportation is provided and will not be an obstacle to participating in this program.


Fun Fridays at Brayton/Greylock Elementary Schools

  • Time Commitment: Can be a one time event of 1 hour (may be able to work around and pick another day aside from Fridays)
  • Where: Brayton Elementary School/Greylock Elementary School, North Adams Public Schools
  • Work Hours: TBD based on schedules of 5th/6th grade classes
  • Contact: Amy Sosne 


This is a pilot volunteer program.  The idea of this program came from discussions with administrators at the local elementary schools in North Adams and in the context of increasing crisis in childhood mental health, violence, health, and abuse/dangers of social media.  The goal of this program is for Williams Students to engage in a fun, confidence building activity that can also help to touch on sensitive and pertinent topics with students in 5th-6th grades. Topics may include: safely navigating social media, healthy habits, sportsmanship, the importance of education and college experience, and the importance of physical activity.  Ideally students will volunteer as a group, meet, come up with a goal for their exercise and a plan as well as a key tenet that they will address in the sessions.  Williams College Students will serve as role models during these sessions.  These sessions can be just a one time event.  For more information or to share ideas and interest, please contact Amy Sosne .