EphVentures with NAPS!!!!!!

Williams students playing outside with elementary students

EphVentures with NAPS (North Adams Public Brayton and Greylock Elementary Schools) – volunteer position

EphVentures with NAPS is the new name of Fun Fridays/Wildcard Wednesdays and Thrilling Thursdays.  These one-time events are in their second year and began as “Fun Fridays” only offered at Brayton Elementary School.  After expanding to include participation with 6th graders at Greylock Elementary School on Wednesday and Thursday mornings, the program has been renamed to encompass all of the adventures that the Williams College Ephs, whether registered student organizations, club sports, competitive sport teams, performance art groups, or any group of creative college students want to teach and share with the elementary students.

The sky is really the limit; fun and adventure are of upmost importance along with teaching partnership, sportsmanship, self-awareness, importance of mental and physical wellbeing as well as education, and the college students as inspiring role models for 5th-6th graders.

Ideally, students will volunteer as a group, meet, and come up with a goal for their exercise/activity and a plan as well as a key tenet they will address in the session(s).

  • Time Commitment: a one-time event of 1 hour
  • Where: North Adams Public Elementary Schools; Brayton and Greylock Elementary School
  • Hours: Wednesday and/or Thursdays with 6th grade from 10:45-11:25am (Greylock Elementary School); Fridays 2-2:40pm at Brayton Elementary School
  • Contact: Amy Sosne
  • EphVentures with NAPS Interest Form

    Thank you for your interest in participating in an EphVentures with NAPS Activity/Event. This is your opportunity to be creative, impactful, and work with 5th/6th graders at Brayton or Greylock Elementary School or both! Whether you are a RSO, sport team, club team, or group of friends that wants to teach an art activity, play capture the flag, make friendship bracelets, play chess; go to town! Activities/clinics are at Brayton Elementary for the 5th/6th grades on Friday afternoons and/or Greylock Elementary School with 6th grade on Wednesday or Thursday mornings.

    What time(s) would work for your group/team/organization? Remember that this is only a one-time commitment, but Wed/Thu are encouraged with the same event, just a different class(Required)


These one time events are meant to offer new experiences, perspective, and fun opportunities to both elementary students and college students!  It’s a toss up with the activity, thrilling to engage in something new, and most of all a ton of fun!

These sessions can be just one-time events or happen more frequently.  For more information or to share ideas and interests, please contact Amy Sosne.