Classroom Help at WES

Classroom Help – paid position

  • Time Commitment: 4 hours per week (please consider other positions if you’re unable to make this time commitment)
  • Where: Williamstown Elementary School
  • Work Hours: Between 8:30 am – 3 pm daily, dependent on classroom needs and your class schedule
  • Contact: Sarah Brill
  • Common Application

Classroom Helpers develop a close relationship with a classroom and teacher at Williamstown Elementary School, and provide support for teachers and students. This is an especially wonderful opportunity for someone who is considering a role in the field of education (though, not required!). Job responsibilities include providing learning support to individuals and small groups of students, grading assignments, performing administrative tasks, working with students during specialist times, and supporting teachers with other needs. Please note that Classroom Helpers are most effective when they are able to make a serious time commitment to the position, and this will be taken into consideration when making matches. Williamstown Elementary School is within walking distance of campus (5-10 minute walk).

Tip Sheet for Working with Lower Grades