Adventures in Learning Course Proposal

  • Remember ... * team teaching is required – it's easier and more fun to have a partner * classes meet one day a week T/Th/F 3-5:00 and W 1:30-3:30 * Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday classes meet for four consecutive weeks; Friday classes meet for three consecutive weeks. * Deadline extended to Friday, November 15th! Please contact Amy Sosne at [email protected] or 973-477-4266, or program assistants Nick Servedio ([email protected]) or Fiona Campbell ([email protected]). We look forward to reading your proposal and PLEASE contact with any questions. Don't let this proposal form be a deterrent to planning and teaching!
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  • About the Course

  • Consider the proposed ages, activities and space requirements as you consider an ideal size.
  • Consider if your class content is better suited for shorter or longer attention span and what level of dexterity reading ability is needed- your youngest students would be 6-7 (1st grade) and oldest 12 (6th grade).