Science for Kids

Science for Kids is a highly successful and sought after program, created and organized by Williams students, presented to local 4th graders and their parents during each January.  The program aims to excite kids about the practice and outcome of science by immersing small groups in a series of hands-on experiential workshops about a range of science topics.  The workshop themes (which can focus on any of the sciences and incorporate aspects of different disciplines) are chosen by small teams of Williams students, and content, design and implementation are tested and developed during the early stages of WSP.  The course culminates on the third weekend in WSP when the teams present their workshops in morning and afternoon sessions on both Saturday and Sunday.  A parent accompanies each child attending, and the goal of the workshop is to have both participants learn about an area of science by exploring demonstrations and hands-on experiments together. Kids are drawn from all of the local elementary schools and home-schooling groups.  This highly popular January activity typically draws 60-100 participants for each day’s sessions.

An extensive background in science is not required (the best teams have a broad range of Williams students), but enthusiasm, creativity and a love for working with young learners are critical.  If you’re interested in teaching and would like to participate in a dynamic, creative, group-based teaching challenge, this WSP course would be perfect for you.  Please contact Professor Jimmy Blair ([email protected]) or Dave Richardson ([email protected]), this year’s CHEM 011 instructors, for more information.  We can’t wait to hear from you!

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