Winter Study

Want fieldwork during Winter Study?

Options for Winter Study courses involving local fieldwork opportunities include:

The following winter study courses involve some form of experiential learning.  For full course descriptions, please view current Winter Study course offerings.

AFR 20/ARTS 20/WGSS 20 Performing Self-Portraiture in the Age of Instagram

AFR 24/REL 24 Touring Black Religion in the South

AMST 10 New(ish) And Rare: Special Collections in the 20th Century

AMST 11/HIST 10 North Adams: Past, Present and Future

AMST 14 The Davis Center Histories

AMST 15/MUS 15 Contemporary American Songwriting

ANTH 15 Photographic Literacy and Personal Vision

ARTH 11/PSCI 11 Editorial Cartooning and the Art of Propaganda

ARTH 17 Architectural Models

ARTH 19 21st Century Museums–From Inner Workings to the Future Vision of Culture Making

ARTS 12 Portrait Painting: from Fayum Mummies to the Obamas

ARTS 13 Creative Portraiture in the Darkroom

ARTS 14 Results Must Vary

ARTS 15/THEA 15 Shadow Puppetry

ARTS 16/CHEM 16 Glass and Glassblowing

BIOL 13 Intro to Animal Tracking

BIOL 25/ENVI 25 Sustainable Agriculture in California

CHEM 10 Persuasive Presentation–Maximize your Impact

CHEM 22 Introduction to Research in Environmental Analytical Chemistry

COMP 10 Constructing Gender and Body in the Gym

CSCI 11 Hour of Code

CSCI 12 Stained Glass Tiling

CSCI 16 Introduction to Tech Entrepreneurship

CSCI 28 Solution Design: from Ideas to Implementation

DANC 10 Funk Styles/Hip-Hop Dance: Technique, Improvisation, Choreography

ECON 12 Public Speaking

ECON 13 Essential Tools for Startups to Change Good Ideas to Successful Businesses and Organizations

ECON 18 Games!

ECON 22/POEC 22 Volunteer Income Tax Assistance

ECON 23 Investing

ECON 24 Economics, Geography and Appreciation of Wine

ECON 27 Quilting Inspired by Gee’s Bend

ECON 28 Solution Design: from Ideas to Implementation

ENGL 11 The Brontes and the Visual Art Journal

ENGL 12 The Art of Telling a Good Story

ENGL 14 Humor Writing and Analysis

ENGL 17 How to Write Auto-Fiction

ENGL 19 Screenwriting Challenge: The Tale of an Underappreciated Musical Genius

ENGL 20 Winter Naturalist’s Journal

ENGL 25 Journalism Today

ENVI 15 From Basalt to Balsam to Beavers: The Natural History of New England

ENVI 18 Games!

ENVI 19 Methods in Environmental Chemistry

ENVI 20 Winter Naturalist’s Journal

ENVI 26 Material Culture and Craft of 19th Century Coastal New England

GEOS 11 River Restoration in Practice

JLST 14 Mock Trial

LEAD 13 Practical Preparation For Work After Williams: Standing Out Instead of Fitting In!

LEAD 18 Wilderness Leadership in Emergency Care

MAST 25 Material Culture and Craft of 19th Century Coastal New England

MATH 12 The Mathematics of Lego Bricks

MATH 13 The Mathematics of SET (and other games)

MATH 15 Self Care: Exploring Acupressure, Reflexology, and Aromatherapy

MATH 17 Modern Dance–the Muller Technique

MUS 12/STAT 12 The Sacred Harp: History, Traditions, and Practice of Shape-Note Singing

MUS 10 Winter Study Chamber Orchestra (WiSCO)

MUS 13 The Golden Age of Gospel Music

MUS 14/THEA 14 Classic and Contemporary Musical Theater

AMST 15 /MUS 15 Contemporary American Songwriting

MUS 16 Zimbabwean Music Collaboration

MUS 25 Creative Art Projects inspired by Southern Florida Native American Indian History & Culture

PHIL 13 Boxing

PHIL 14 Yoga and a Grounded Life

PHIL 25 Eye Care and Culture in the Atlantic Coast Regions of Nicaragua

PHYS 13 Electronics

PHYS 15/SPEC 13 Cooking for the Real World

PHYS 16 The Way Things Work

ECON 22/POEC 22 Volunteer Income Tax Assistance

PSCI 16 The Martial Art of Politics–Aikido, Gandhi, and King

PSCI 21 Fieldwork in Public Affairs and Private Non-Profits

PSCI 22 Learning Intervention for Teens

PSYC 11 Designing Your Life and Career after Williams

PSYC 13 Practical Preparation For Work After Williams: Standing Out Instead of Fitting In!

PSYC 14 JA SelCom

PSYC 15 Ephquilts! An Introduction to Traditional Quilting

PSYC 16 Self Compassion: The Benefits and Challenges

PSYC 21 Psychology Internships

PSYC 23 Gaudino Fellowship: Immersive Engagement and Reflection

PHLH 13 Behavioral Health Prevention and Middle School Leadership Development

PHLH 25 Public Health, Education, and Community Action in Rural India

REL 12 The Mumonkan and Tathagata Zen: An Exploration of Mind

REL 14 Mountain Religion

REL 25 Yoga and Meditation in India: Theory and Practice

RUSS 25 Williams in Georgia

WGSS 25 Community Mobilization in Senegal for Public Health & Economic Empowerment

SPEC 10 Counseling Skills Intensive

SPEC 19 Healthcare Internships

SPEC 21 Experience in the Workplace: an Internship with Williams Alumni/Parents

SPEC 22 Outdoor Emergency Care

SPEC 24 Transformative Moments in the Education of a Preschool Child

SPEC 26 Field Work in a Bay Area Start-up

SPEC 28 Class of 1959 Teach NYC Urban Education Program

SPEC 35 Making Pottery on the Potter’s Wheel